Why is addiction marketing so Difficult?


Addiction marketing is challenging. Despite addiction being a disease, many people do not treat it as such. However, with the right strategies, you can market an addiction treatment facility successfully. There are excellent treatment centers like the alcohol help NZ that help addicts. So how do you market the center to get it known to everyone?

Strategies to use in addiction marketing

Creating referral relationships

Creating treatment referral relationships is essential in marketing your center. Health professionals can refer patients in need of rehabilitation services to your center. Sometimes they get patients but do not know where to direct them. When you create a relationship with them, they will gladly refer their patients to you. Other addiction centers can also refer patients to your treatment center. You can develop relationships with outpatient rehabs to refer patients for residential treatment.

Using local SEO

Search engine optimization plays a vital role in marketing your addiction treatment facility. Through local SEO, you can know what people say about your center. You can also find out the ease with which a prospective client can join the facility. The best way to use SEO is to request satisfied patients to give you a review after they are discharged. Also, you can consider building local profiles to ensure your details are correct. It helps you in building links and ranking high on search engines.

Paid Advertising

You can use Google Ads to increase traffic to your website. However, paid advertising is more beneficial if you use it with SEO. Running an AD is expensive, so you need to be strategic to get the best results. You can use Facebook Ads if you have a target audience like support groups for drug addiction. The Facebook Ads have a lower CPA when you compare it to Google. It is best to have a proper admission team to follow up with the many leads that the Ad will create.

Content Marketing

Many addiction facilities focus on paid ADS forgetting the power of content marketing. Content marketing relies on SEO to attract a target audience instead of focusing on anyone. Not everyone has a friend or family member with an addiction issue. Therefore, your focus should be on people who require your services. Keyword research using various tools suggests the best words for content marketing. You can create links to increase traffic and turn prospectives into clients.

Other marketing tools

You can use other marketing tools to make your addiction center known to customers. You can use billboards which is not a digital marketing tool but has excellent results. Even though not everyone who sees the billboard will need the service, they can refer people who need it. You can also print brochures or pamphlets to create awareness of your center. Another excellent tool is using media to create awareness about your services.


Even though addiction marketing is difficult, you can succeed with the right strategies. It is best to understand who your target audience is and where you are likely to find them. Referrals, digital and old school marketing are all strategies that can help you.

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