Tips on choosing ash hardwood floor

Ash hardwood flooring dramatically and magically refurbishes your interiors. The earthy tones and innate luster of natural hardwood flooring speak of elegance and complement any décor from traditional to contemporary. This type of flooring also increases the value of your home rapidly. New technologies have greatly improved the performance and durability of hardwoods, and Ash hardwood flooring is next best to oak floors in terms of style, price, and value.

The quality of the wood of the Ash tree often surpasses the wood of most other trees. Today, this hardwood is a valuable commodity in flooring styles, due to the rapid growth of the tree and the toughness and elasticity of its timber. The wood obtained from these three is heavy, strong, stiff, and hard, and the flooring fashioned from it takes on a high polish.

Different types of finishing materials such as stains, hard wax oils, and lacquers can be used to create different appearances and nuances with the same timber and grade. Depending on the light in your room, you can select from dark or light ash tones to create the ambiance you desire. If your room lacks natural light, a lighter ash tone will brighten it, and a darker tone would complement a room that is bright and sunny.

For ash hardwood floor cleaning, you will need to take some special care. Ash hardwood floors should be cleaned with some special equipment made for cleaning and restoring the beauty of the hardwood floor.

However, to hold its beauty and durability for a long time, one should take some precautionary measures. It is important to prevent the dirt from coming from outside as much as possible. Floor mats should be used outside of the home so that dirt can’t come inside the home. You can also request the outsiders to remove their shoes before stepping into the home. Pet hair and pet dirt should be cleaned regularly to avoid the unnecessary mess on the floor. Bona spray mop should be used to clean the floor. You can know more about cleaning ash hardwood floor from bona spray mop reviews.

White Ash hardwood flooring which varies in color from white to light biscuit softens the overall tone of the interior design and lends a calm, modern atmosphere. Darker colors found in exotic ash wood floors add a striking richness and sophistication to the floor space and interior ambiance.

Ashes are light and expressive. Ash wood makes hard and durable flooring that also blends well with decorative furniture. The ash flooring should be installed carefully so that you obtain maximum view across the length of the floor from opening to opening.

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