Different types of golf bags for women

Golf bags for women are an essential item, and by choosing the correct type of bag, it can greatly enhance your enjoyment of the game.

I know how confusing it can be and costly, but before I give you a roundup of the various types of golf bags available, here is my tip for buying a lady’s golf bag.

Ladies Golf Carry Bag

This is the most common type of bag and the most common. It is basically a simple Ping 2012 Faith Ladies Golf Bag and quite lightweight, but even then, remember that it will weight a lot more once you add your golf clubs as accessories.

Most golf carry bags now have dual straps that help to evenly divide the weight of the bag across your shoulders. This is a great advantage compared to the old single strap bags of not long ago.

Tips for Choosing a Carry Golf Bag!

Tip 1: Make sure to choose a bag with dual straps!

Tip 2: Choose a weight that you can easily carry for the whole 18 holes!

Ladies Golf Stand Bag

Ladies golf stand bags are basically the same as the carry bags, except that these Sun Mountain Superlight 3.5incluce a stand to hold your bag off the ground, hence saving your bag from possible hurt.

There are two stands that allow you to keep your golf bag upright when placed on the ground and prevents it from getting dirty as opposed to the carry bags when placed on the ground.

Make sure you choose a bag with stable stand legs and one that is also stable in the wind. You don’t.t want a stand golf bag that easily blows over in the wind.

This type of bag might cost a little more than a carry bag, but you will find this well worth it in the long run.

Tips for Choosing a Stand Golf Bag

Tip 1: Make sure the legs are stable and secure!

Tip 2: Make sure the bag won’t easily blow over in a strong wind!

Ladies Golf Cart Bag

As the name suggests, a lady’s golf cart bag is designed for going onto a golf cart. This TaylorMade Collection Cart Ladies Golf Bag allows the bag to be heavier and bigger as you do not need to lug it around the course.

Do remember – you still need to get it to and onto the cart, so make sure it is not too heavier to do this!

These bags tend to also have more space for your accessories, and these pockets tend to be on one side of the golf bag to offer easy access when strapped to the cart.

Tips for Choosing a Cart Golf Bag

Tip 1: Make sure that the cart golf bag is not too heavier to get it to and onto a cart!

Tip 2: As these bags are more significant, make sure they will fit into the trunk of your car as well as all your golfing accessories.

You can also visit golf-connection.com/best-golf-bags/ to check out different options of a golf bag.